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SWP RedLine 180 Turbo Mig welder with 3 mtr Euro Torch 240v

£495.00 (£412.50 ex vat)
SWP RedLine 180 Turbo Mig with Euro Torch and gas regulator. Meets the everyday demands of a professional car repair / restoration, light fabrication workshop. 2 year warranty.

SWP Red Line 170 amp Turbo Mig welder 240v with 3 mtr Euro Torch

£479.00 (£399.17 ex vat)
SWP RedLine 170 Mig. Great for serious car restoration work, sheet metalwork and general workshop use. Uses 5kg or 15kg reels of wire in 0.6mm or 0.8mm. Welds up to 7mm plate. Can be used with gas or gasless. 3 mtr Euro torch and gas reg included. 2 year warranty

Parweld Panther welders gauntlets

£6.90 (£5.75 ex vat)
Parweld Panther welders gauntlets made from cow split leather. Premium quality 

Parweld Panther Welders Apron

£15.95 (£13.29 ex vat)
Panther welders apron with buckle and ties. Kevlar stitched cow hide

Parweld welders jacket

£41.50 (£34.58 ex vat)
Welders Jacket Kevlar stitched made from thick cow hide. Normally worn over clothing. 

Parweld XTM 211Di -P1 -4 in 1 Multi-Process Mig/Tig/Arc Welding Machine 240 volt

£2,002.00 (£1,668.33 ex vat)
New from Parweld. The XTM211di is a 4 in 1 multi process welder providing Mig /  AC Tig /  DC Tig and Arc welding processes, making it ideal for welding Steels, Stainless Steels and Aluminium. Supplied as a Mig with optional Tig and Arc requisites. Powerful maximum 200 amps welding current, 240 volt supply.
Wilstar Safety Feature
Protect against
Hazardous fumes.
HSE has changed the enforcement expectations after new scientific evidence suggests the dangers of exposure can cause carcinogenic outcomes. Air fed Welding Helmets are known to provide the best all-around protection.
Jasic Welders
Jasic Power Arc 180SE

Jasic Power Arc 180 SE (240v) with leads and carry case

£286.95 (£239.13 ex vat)

Durable compact 230v inverter  supplied complete with a set of arc leads and a carry case. Ideal for site-work. The Jasic Power Arc 180SE MMA inverter welder is equipped with the latest IGBT technology and a singular PCB for improved efficiency and maintenance.

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