In the Market for a New Welder?

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NEED ADVICE ? hobby or full on industrial Arc/Mig/ Tig welding equipment, don’t sweat, we’ve got it covered.

We’ve compiled a simple, easy to read guide to help you navigate the often complicated world of welding to help you find the best fit for you.


Gas or Gasless ?  Welding thin sheet steel WITH GAS using tack/stitch technique will help to avoid blowing through thin plate, much easier when there is no flux in the process. Ideal for car restorers and sheet metal fabricators.

Gasless is good on thicker plates particularly if you’re forced to weld outside. The flux turns to scale and so has to be chipped and cleaned off after welding. Ideal for gate/railings and general welding fabrications.


Our recommendation – Go dual purpose with the Clarke 151EN. Supplied ready to weld in the gasless mode but can also be used with gas by adding the optional gas valve, solid wire and CO2 or Argon /CO2 gas cans. OR if you’re planning to do a lot of welding and using a bigger gas cylinder take a look at the Parweld XTE range 171c/180 and 210. All come with a 3mtr Euro mig torch and 2 gauge gas regulator to fit an Argon/CO2 half /full size cylinder


Most of the machines we sell these days are using inverter technology. Benefits include efficiency and they are compact compared to conventional machines. We major on Jasic and Parweld Inverter Arc/ Mig/ Tig welders and Plasma cutters and have done for many years. Both companies offer full spares and service back up.  Jasic offer full 5 year back to base warranties on smaller machines and on site service/repairs on more industrial machines.  Parweld currently offer a 3 year warranty. In our opinion these are important factors when buying this sort of equipment.

The Parweld XTE mig range have gas and gasless modes.

Jasic, Parweld & SWP Stealth inverter migs are multi process and so are supplied as a mig but can be used with or without gas and also as an arc welder (subject to options)


Inverter arc welders from Jasic and Parweld  Are available in 230 volt only and multi voltage 110/230v for site work. 160 and 180 amp versions are capable of using up to 4.0mm electrodes and are very popular with small builders, metal fabricators and steels construction companies. A range of mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, dissimilar steels electrodes can be used with these DC machines.

6013 general purpose all positional mild steel electrodes suit general construction work.

7018 Low Hydrogen electrodes are suited to structural steel fabrications.


If you’re still confused, overwhelmed or need a little extra guidance, give us a call on 0208 399 2449 and we will walk you through your options depending on your budget, needs and wants.

The Welding Centre in Surbiton is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Fridays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The store is closed on Wednesdays and weekends however appointments outside of hours can be arranged. 

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