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Jasic JT-200 DC Inverter tig welder 230 volt

£574.00 (£478.33 ex vat)
Jasic JT-200 DC Inverter tig welder 230 volt. Ideal for site work and light fabrication. Supplied with tig torch, earth lead and Argon gas regulator.
  • MMA 10 -180 amps
  • TIG 10 - 200 amps
  • Down slope and post flow
  • Hot start
  • Lift arc
  • H F arc ignition
  • 2T / 4T
  • Auto compensation for voltage fluctuation
  • 5 year back to base warranty (subject to registering with

Jasic JT200D – 200amp AC/DC digital inverter Tig welder 230v

£1,246.00 (£1,038.33 ex vat)
  • TIG Pulse AC/DC inverter welder

  • Program memory storage

  • Automatic protection functions

  • 20 TIG operation modes

  • MCU intelligent digital control (Software)

  • Peak current control, 2T/4T

  • Pre-post flow time, up/down slope

  • Pulse adjustment

  • Pulse frequency, pulse duty, arc force, clean width

  • 100 KHz frequency for reduced weight/volume

  • Remote control interface

  • AC function for aluminium and aluminium alloys

  • DC TIG function for carbon steel, copper and non-ferrous metals

  • Smooth arc and stable welding performance

  • Wide input voltage range tolerance

  • RS-485 interface for automatic welding

  • MMA welding performance is significantly improved with an excellent control algorithm

  • Water connection for optional torch cooling

  • DC Mode: - Steel/Stainless Steel up to 4.8mm (3/16")

    AC Mode: - Aluminium up to 6.4mm (1/4")

Jasic Pro Arc 180 PFC (110v / 230v) with leads.

£359.00 (£299.17 ex vat)
Versatile 'wide voltage' PFC inverter for optimum weld performance.

The Jasic Arc 180 MMA wide voltage 110/230v inverter welder is equipped with the latest IGBT technology and a singular PCB for improved efficiency and maintenance.


Jasic Pro Mig 200C portable multi process Mig/Arc welder 230 volt

£936.00 (£780.00 ex vat)
Jasic Pro Mig 200C portable multi process mig/arc welder 230 volt. Supplied with 3mtr euro mig torch and gas regulator.

Jasic Pro Mig portable 160 Multi process Mig/Arc Inverter welder 230 volt

£754.80 (£629.00 ex vat)
Jasic promig 160 multi process, portable mig/arc inverter welder 230 volt. Supplied with 3 mtr euro torch and gas regulator.