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Argon/CO2 Disposable mig gas (Big Capacity 110 ltr)

£18.99 (£15.83 ex vat)
Clarke Big Capacity 110 ltr Mig Gas Disposable Cylinder. Argon / CO2 mix. Suitable for mild steel applications in car restoration and general sheet metal and ideal for the occasional welder.

CO2 Gas in Big Capacity 600 gram disposable cylinders

£18.99 (£15.83 ex vat)
Big Capacity 600 gram disposable mig gas cylinders. Suitable for all mild steel fabrications and ideal for for the more occasional user.

Oxy Turbo Kit 110 ready to weld, braze, heat

£174.95 (£145.79 ex vat)
Oxy Turbo Kit 110. Ideal for bronze welding, brazing and Silver soldering. Great for Hobby, model engineers, heating and plumbing, lead welding etc. Supplied ready to weld.
  • Supplied with handy carry frame
  • Easy to use. Great for any small workshop
  • Made in Italy