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Parweld Foot Control

Parweld Foot Control

£174.00 (£145.00 ex vat)
Parweld Foot Control to suit the latest XTi202P AC/ DC Tig Welder and also the earlier model XTi201. More comfortable to use and is fitted with rubber pad for excellent grip. A trimmer control has been added to allow maximum amperage to be limited when the pedal is fully depressed, giving extra control to the operator. Please note this foot control is not compatible with the original XTi 200

Parweld Panther Welders Apron

£15.95 (£13.29 ex vat)
Panther welders apron with buckle and ties. Kevlar stitched cow hide

Parweld Panther welders gauntlets

£5.90 (£4.92 ex vat)
Parweld Panther welders gauntlets made from cow split leather

Parweld welders jacket

£41.50 (£34.58 ex vat)
Welders Jacket Kevlar stitched made from thick cow hide. Normally worn over clothing. 

Parweld WH1 Reactive Welding Helmet 5 shades 9/13

£29.95 (£24.96 ex vat)
Parweld WH1 Reactive welding helmet with 5 variable shades of darkness. Shade 9 being the lightest and 13 the darkest making it ideal for the more occasional user and suitable for Mig and Arc welding processes.
Parweld XTE 171C

Parweld XTE 171C Auto Mig Welder (Free UK mainland delivery)

£435.00 (£362.50 ex vat)
The XTE 171C is a robust machine featuring a die-cast alloy feed and a rear tray for gas bottles up to 20kg. Its high performance at low current reduces heat distortion and the flexible polarity allows gasless welding (will accept 5kg or 15kg wire spools).
Parweld XTE 201C Mig Welder 240 volt

Parweld XTE 201C Mig Welder 240 volt (Free UK mainland delivery)

£499.00 (£415.83 ex vat)
Parweld's New range of quality MIG welders designed specifically for the Automotive industry, ideal for car restoration, crash repair and sheet metalwork applications. Supplied as a package including 3 mtr Euro MIG torch, Argon/Co2 regulator with 2 gauges.
Parweld XTM 160i Inverter Mig welder 230v

Parweld XTM 160i portable Inverter Mig welder 230v

£559.00 (£465.83 ex vat)
New from Parweld the XTM 160i portable MIG welder (230v) is the latest in their excellent range of inverter machines. The use of inverter technology allows the construction of a lightweight portable Mig Inverter machine which is ideal for workshop and site applications.
Parweld XTM 182i Compact Inverter Mig Welder Gas/Gasless - 230 volt

Parweld XTM 182i Compact Inverter Mig Welder Gas/Gasless – 230 volt

£714.00 (£595.00 ex vat)
NEW RANGE - Parweld XTM 182i Inverter Mig Welder with trolley. Synergic control makes it easy to set welding parameters. Four roller drive and Euro torch make for positive wire feed. Ideal for Professional Car Bodyshops, Light Fabrications. Farm Work Etc. The Unit Is Supplied With a 3 Mtr Euro Torch and can be used with Gas or Gasless.
Parweld XTM 200i Mig Inverter 230 volt

Parweld XTM 201di portable Mig Inverter 110/230 volt

£1,295.00 (£1,079.17 ex vat)
New Range 2019- Parweld XTM 201di portable Inverter Mig welder 230 volts. Portable, small and lightweight (17.5 kgs). This professional quality high-end multi process Mig / Tig / Arc machine comes complete with a Remote control Mig torch which allows mig parameter adjustment directly from the torch.  Arc Leads are also included as well as gas hose and input cable. It takes 5 kg (200mm) and 1 kg (100mm) spools of 0.6mm / 0.8mm & 1.0mm MIG wire.  Mig welds down to 0.9mm thick material with excellent welding characteristics making it ideal for site welding, automotive repair work, sheet metal work etc.

Parweld XTM 211Di – 4 in 1 Multi-Process Mig/Tig/Arc Welding Machine 240 volt

£1,979.00 (£1,649.17 ex vat)
New from Parweld. The XTM211di is a 4 in 1 multi process welder providing Mig /  AC Tig /  DC Tig and Arc welding processes, making it ideal for welding Steels, Stainless Steels and Aluminium. Supplied as a Mig with optional Tig and Arc requisites. Powerful maximum 200 amps welding current, 240 volt supply.
Parweld XTM 252i

Parweld XTM 252i Multi Mode Inverter Mig Tig Arc Welder – 230 volt

£999.00 (£832.50 ex vat)
NEW RANGE for 2016, The XTM 252i Multi-Mode compact MIG/tig/arc welder comes with a trolley and complete with a heavy duty 3 mtr XP8 Euro MIG torch, Earth Clamp and 3 mtr cable kit, 3 mtr gas hose, Argon regulator 2 gauge.