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1.6mm x A15 Tig Filler Rods in 5 kg packs

£44.90 (£37.42 ex vat)
Premium A15 Steel Tig welding Rods supplied in 5 kg packs for welding steel using DC current Tig

Arc Welding Leads 5mtr length

£71.94 (£59.95 ex vat)
One set of 5 mtr Arc Welding leads fitted with 400 amp crocodile type Earth clamp, 400 amp Shortstub type electrode holder and 35/50mm dinse plugs.

Jasic JT200P PFC DC Inverter Tig welder with pulse (wide voltage)

£768.00 (£640.00 ex vat)
Jasic JT 200P-PFC DC Inverter Tig with pulse. Wide voltage 95 - 265 volts. Ideal for site work and light fabrication. Supplied with tig torch, earth lead and Argon gas regulator.
  • Free Shipping to UK mainland
  • current range on 115 volt -10-160 amps
  • current range on 230 volts - 10 - 200 amps
  • duty cycle on 115 volts - 160 amps @ 60%
  • duty cycle on 230 volts - 200 amps @ 30%
  • DC pulse TIG/MMA
  • Down slope and post flow
  • Digital control
  • HF arc ignition
  • 2T / 4T
  • Auto compensation for voltage fluctuation
  • 5 year back to base warranty (subject to registering with

Jasic Power Arc 160 PFC Inverter Welder

£382.20 (£318.50 ex vat)
The Jasic Power Arc 160 PFC dual voltage MMA (Stick) inverter welder is equipped with the latest IGBT technology and a singular PCB for improved efficiency and maintenance.

Oxy Turbo Kit 110 ready to weld, braze, heat

£174.95 (£145.79 ex vat)
Oxy Turbo Kit 110. Ideal for bronze welding, brazing and Silver soldering. Great for Hobby, model engineers, heating and plumbing, lead welding etc. Supplied ready to weld.
  • Supplied with handy carry frame
  • Easy to use. Great for any small workshop
  • Made in Italy

Parweld WH1 Reactive Welding Helmet 5 shades 9/13

£29.95 (£24.96 ex vat)
Parweld WH1 Reactive welding helmet with 5 variable shades of darkness. Shade 9 being the lightest and 13 the darkest making it ideal for the more occasional user and suitable for Mig and Arc welding processes.

Parweld XR938PH Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

£79.95 (£66.63 ex vat)
Top quality auto darkening solar/battery true colour welding helmet with larger lens as used by the professionals. Switchable shades 5 - 8 and 9 - 13 makes it ideal for arc/mig and tig welding. It also has grinding mode and delay and sensitivity adjustment. Battery and spare inner and outer lens included.

Parweld XR950A Air Fed Welding Helmet. Free Advice

£574.80 (£479.00 ex vat)
Free Shipping UK mainland Parweld XR950A Powered Air Purifying Respiratory (PAPR) System is an easy-to-use, Versatile Respirator for Particulate Environments. Simple, One-button Control, with Triple Alarms – Audible, Led and Vibration, Alert the User of the Following Conditions, Low Battery, Low Airflow or Particle Filter is Blocked.  The Electronic Control System Keeps the Calibrated Airflow at the Pre-set Level and Compensates for the Filter Clogging or Loss of Battery Charge to Ensure Constant Airflow to the Operator.

Stealth Digi Air Fed Welding helmet. Free Advice

£479.00 (£399.17 ex vat)
  • The stealth digi air fed welding system comes complete with carry bag
  • Free Shipping to UK mainland.

Stealth Vader Auto Darkening welding goggle/mask with LED light

£106.80 (£89.00 ex vat)
Stealth Vader auto darkening welding goggle / mask with LED light. Ideal for mig, tig, stick and gas welding and cutting  and very compact which makes it great for welding in confined spaces.  Shades 5 - 13 as well as grinding mode function. Can be worn over prescription glasses.
  • external push button LCD display
  • 2 arc sensors
  • low battery indicator
  • low amperage TIG rated - 5A
  • supplied with hood to reduce back light
  • supplied with carry case

SWP Proline Air Fed PAPR Welding System.

£449.00 (£374.17 ex vat)
SWP Proline Air Fed PAPR System supplied complete with reactive welding helmet system. 
  • Free Shipping to UK mainland